The Benefits Of Beard Oil, And Why You Should Be Using It.

Beard Oil is a very common mens grooming product nowadays. But what does it actually do, and should I be using it?

In this blog we will be talking about the benefits of beard oil and why you should be using it.




What Does Beard Oil Do?

Beard Oil is an essential product for maintaining facial hair, whether it be long or short. But what exactly does it do?



Beard Oil Moisturises The Skin Underneath Your Beard

This is probably the most important feature of beard oil, is that it re-hydrates the skin underneath your beard.

One of the most common problems men have with growing a beard is that they get very irritated and itchy. This is because the skin underneath can dry out when you have facial hair, so it is very important to keep it moisturised, and beard oil does just this.

The dry skin underneath is what leads to irritation, and flakes of dead skin in your beard. Beard oil can help combat this as it moisturises the skin underneath the beard.

Beard Oil Will Soften and Smooth The Beard Itself

Not only will beard oil moisturise the skin underneath the beard, it will help to hydrate and soften the beard hairs themselves.

A Beard oil will soften the hairs, and can help tame a bigger beard.

Your Beard Will Look & Feel Healthier

By using beard oil, you beard will feel much softer and smoother. Beard oil also adds a nice, healthy looking sheen to your beard as well!





When Should I Use Beard Oil?

Beard oils can be used even when you have a very short beard, or even stubble. It still offers the same benefits of hydrating the skin underneath your beard to ensure it doesn’t dry out.

Obviously it is super important on a longer beard as you really need to ensure the skin underneath is getting the moisture it needs as well as the hair itself.

You only need to apply beard oil once per day. A good time to apply beard oil is after you hop out of the shower, and moisturise it into your skin and beard.

Which Beard Oil Should I Get?

With so many beard oils on the market, it can be hard to pick one. For the most part, all beard oils will do the same things with the exception of some using better ingredients and natural oils.

We use and recommend the Proraso Beard Oils. They are available in different scents such as Wood & Spice, Azur Lime & Cypress & Vetyver which leave your beard smelling amazing.



Proraso beard oils are formulated to tame, smooth, nourish and protect.

Omega-3 , Omega-6 rich Walnut Oil & Sunflower Oil work to moisturise and condition the beard hair, with Avocado and Macadamia Nut Oils give extra protection while helping to soften and add a lasting sheen.

You can check out the range here.





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