New York Barbers Reopening!

We are back open!


Trading hours are as normal: Mon-Wed: 8am-5:30pm Thurs-Fri: 8am – 6:30pm Saturday: 7am – 3pm Sunday: Closed


We advise to be here well before our closing time for the first couple of weeks so we can fit you in!


So here’s a few things to please note when visiting:


For the time being, those aged 16 and over will need to show us that you have been fully vaccinated unless you have a medical exemption.


We know that for the majority of you, this won’t be an issue. However we do understand a small percentage of people may not agree with this, and we respect your opinions. However, please understand that we don’t have much choice. This is the public health orders, and we are one of the most high-risk industries that is only allowed to accept fully vaccinated customers until restrictions ease to allow unvaccinated customers in the future.


We trust you would understand that we are liable as a business if we do not follow these directions. As one of many small businesses trying to stay afloat during these lockdowns, we are just trying to keep things going – if that means following the rules, then that’s what we are going to do.


We will not tolerate any aggression or abuse towards our team for something out of our control. We are happy to allow everyone in once restrictions no longer require us to check vaccinations.


We also would never do anything that would be classed as discrimination or unlawful, which requesting your vaccination status is not covered under discrimination law, meaning we are allowed to do so – please check out this link below (from a credible source) for more info if you like:  

Ok, back to the fun stuff:


Please ensure you have your vaccination certificate ready to show on your phone, or even better to have it linked to your Service Victoria app so you can show us all in one go – this just makes the check in process smoother.

  • We will be walk in only as usual. (No appointments) You will need to come in and check in with us at the front desk
  • It will be extremely busy for the first week or so (at least), especially because we can only have 5 customers inside at once until restrictions ease further. (which will hopefully only be a week away after reopening)
  • Online Check in via our app will be turned off – you must come in store to check in
  • We may not be able to get you in with your preferred barber – the chances will be low to make any guarantees
  • There will be a long wait. When we check you in, we will let you know roughly how long until we can get to you. You can choose to come back closer to this time but please ensure you are back prior to the estimated time we give you.


We ask for your patience with our team while we do our best to get to everyone.


If you can hold on a little while longer – you will probably avoid as long of a wait time to get in.


We can’t wait to welcome you back – see you soon!


Kind Regards,

The New York Barbers Team

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