How to Get the John B Hairstyle From Outer Banks

Outer Banks is a new TV show just released on Netflix last month. The increasingly popular show follows a group of teens through a tale of action, adventure, mystery, romance and drama.

Outer Banks’ lead character, John B (played by Chase Stokes) is probably every teen girls dream guy right now if they’ve watched the show, with his rugged beach look and floppy sun- kissed hair.

We can sense a trend about to happen here, not only in regard to their fashion style but the hairstyles too. That is our port of call here at New York Barbers in Berwick, so in this week’s edition of #BarberTalk we are going to analyse John B’s (Chase Stokes) hairstyle from Outer Banks, and what you’ll need to get it.

The Hairstyle

John B’s hairstyle is a layered haircut with lots of texture to create the free-flowing beachy/surfer look. The sun-kissed highlights also add some contrast to the hair and it’s wavy texture.


The Hair Type

The number one thing to keep in mind is hair type/texture. This haircut will not suit everyone’s hair type. If you have dead straight hair, Asian hair or hair that is very thick or too curly, you will not be able to achieve this look exactly as John B (Chase Stokes) can. Hair that is too thin will also struggle to recreate this style.


Chase Stokes has hair that is not overly thick but also has a wave to it which allows it to look the way it does. It is thick, but not too thick to the point where it has no movement. If your hair is too thin it will just fall flat, and if it is too thick and straight you will struggle to achieve the same texture and movement in the hair – it simply won’t sit like that.


The Hair Colour

Chase Stokes has some highlights through his hair which help add some contrast against his natural dark brown hair and enhance the wavy texture too. They give the perfect impression of the sun-kissed, beach look.

To achieve this, you would need to get a few highlights put in your hair to get the full effect.

The Hair Length

The second thing to consider is hair length. This style requires a lot of length and Chase Stokes has a LOT of hair!

If we are comparing to the current men’s hair trends that we see in hair, especially here in Australia – guys who want this haircut will have to be growing out their hair for quite a while. You will need a lot of hair and you need to have lots of length all around. We are talking 5-7 inches!

So, if you are willing to grow your hair out to that length, then you will be able to create this hairstyle. Eventually. If not, maybe it’s not for you!

If you want to grow out your hair, whether it is for this specific hairstyle or in general, a good tip we have is this: Think of growing your hair like a race. The more often you get it cut while you are trying to grow it, you are just going backwards each time and increasing the time it will take to get to your desired length.

There does come a point where you may get split ends and your hair can benefit from trimming these ends off to encourage further growth and have healthier hair. But other than that, let it grow!

The Face Shape

You face shape actually plays a big role in how a haircut will look on you. It’s usually also a big reason why you may find a picture of a hairstyle you like, show it to your barber or hairdresser and it just doesn’t end up looking as good on you as it does on that celeb!

Different face shapes are better suited to different hairstyles. Chase Stokes has a prominent square face shape, with a strong jawline. This hairstyle suits him well as it softens the squareness, especially with the wavy texture that’s he has in his hair.

The John B hairstyle would also suit someone with a diamond, heart or oval face shape (see table below)


However, if you have a round face shape, you may prefer the look of a hairstyle with shorter hair on the sides and more volume on top. In the case of a round face shape, the John B Haircut may make your head look bigger, and chances are you would want to do the opposite.


This haircut would require minimal styling, as it is not intended to be a ‘done’ look, more so an ‘undone’ look that has just been pushed into place. The texture and waviness create a more laid back, messy look – the surfer dude look!

A sea salt spray would be perfect to give this hairstyle hold, volume and texture. Sea Salt Spray is perfect to enhance wavy hair!

Overall, we approve of the John B hairstyle. It is a cool, chilled out beachy vibe. Completely opposite of current trends with short hair and fades – and change is good. But remember as we mentioned before, it all depends if a style like this will suit you or not. However, if you have short hair and want hair like this, be prepared to test your patience in letting it grow out!

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