Hair Getting Long in Isolation? Here’s How To Use It to Your Advantage.

Isolation means no haircuts – and although your hair may be growing out and getting really long, this is actually a great time to use it to your advantage and try something different. By the time you visit the barbershop for your next haircut, your hair will probably have grown out enough to try a new style and change things up!

In this edition of #BarberTalk by New York Barbers in Berwick, we are going to give you some awesome suggestions when it comes to getting a new cut after your hair has grown out post-COVID-19!

Haircut at New York Barbers in Berwick
A common hurdle we have experienced when suggesting a new style to a customer is the fact you will need to let it grow out a little before you can properly achieve the desired style. This is especially the case when you are trying to grow out a shaved in part line or go from an undercut with no blending to a haircut that is fully blended in from the sides to the top.

Often this will take the next couple of haircuts to get the result you are looking for, and us men are impatient with our hair sometimes! So, we have found customers will just end up getting their usual cut done because they don’t want to wait for it to grow a little more, thus never changing their hairstyle.

Well, a time like this has forced many to just let their hair grow, so this is the perfect time to change things up.

From Undercut to Blended

What is an undercut?

An undercut is when the hair on the sides is shaved up to the top, with either one clipper length or a fade. It stops when it meets the length on top, creating a blunt separation that allows the hair on top to hang over.

Undercut - New York Barbers | Berwick Barber

A blended haircut is when the hair on the sides gradually blends up into the top, with no line or separation.

We think the undercut has ‘had its time’ and not to mention EVERY guy has one. (Well, not EVERY guy – but you get the point we’re trying to make).

In terms of practicality though, a blended haircut is a better option. It is a lot cleaner look and gives you a better shape to your haircut due to the more gradual transition. Having your haircut blended in will also mean it lasts longer. Because of the gradual transition to the top, the hair grows out at the same rate and length, meaning it looks better for longer. With the undercut, because there is a harsh separation between the hair on the sides and the hair on top, the hair on the sides will grow out and start to stick out quicker because there is no graduation.

Taper fade - New York Barbers | Berwick Barbershop
When going from an undercut to a blended haircut, your barber needs some length on the sides to be there so it can connect (blend) to the top. If you have let your hair grow out during isolation, you should have enough there for the barber to blend it in now.
How to Grow Out the Undercut - New York Barbers | Berwick Barber

Part Line

The shaved in line, hard part, or whatever you refer to it as can be a pain to grow out. We also feel this style has had its time as well. The part line may look sharp for the week after your haircut but after that it starts to grow, and it doesn’t look fresh anymore.

For most clients, the blended option is also a better look and provides a much better shape/silhouette rather than just shaving up to a line.

If you previously have had a line, and your hair has grown out during isolation, this is a great time to get rid of it and ask your barber to blend it in again.


One of the most popular haircuts of this time is the fade. They look fresh, clean and modern and EVERYONE has one. Fades can vary in length, and can start from skin, Zero, 0.5, 1 and upwards.

Skin and Zero Fades seem to be the most popular, but unfortunately, they don’t suit everyone’s head shape and hair type. This means results of a fade will vary based on your head shape and your hair type.

They also tend to grow out quite quickly, because the hair is getting cut so short, it won’t take long before the fade is grown out.

If your hair has grown out, this is a great time to try a different type of fade, let’s say a 0.5 or 1 fade. This is slightly above skin or zero and will last you a bit longer before it grows out.

Ask your barber and give it a go in your next haircut. You may also find that not going as severe with the fade will suit you a little better. Try it out for yourself, it wont hurt!

Taper Fade

This is a really cool style to try out if you’ve let your hair grow and actually don’t mind it sitting at the longer length it is at. The ‘Taper Fade’ allows you to keep the length around the sides and back, and just fade it the sideburns and neck.

Tapers - New York Barbers | Berwick Barbers

It is a clean look that grows out very well too. Think of it as a mini fade for your edges!

Taper - New York Barbers | Berwick Barber

Medium – Longer Length Styles

Chances are your hair may have grown to a medium length now, and you may like it. Once the hair has enough weight and length to it, it will lay flat instead of sticking out. It may look a little bit scruffy, so you could probably do with having the edges cleaned up and a light trim from your barber. But you will find a medium to longer length haircut is going to last you longer than your clipper cut on the sides, because it is already sitting at a longer length.

Check out some examples below:

Medium Length Hair - New York Barbers | Berwick Barbershop
Medium Mens Haircut - New York Barbers | Berwick Barbershop
Medium Mens Haircut - New York Barbers | Berwick Barbershop

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