New York Barbers is a walk-in only barbershop, so we don’t take appointments. Just walk in at a time that suits you during our opening hours, and we will check you into the queue. We will let you know approximately how long you will be waiting and you can grab a coffee or hotdog while you wait too. If you’re lucky and come at a good time, there way be little to no wait!
You can also check in online before you arrive to beat the queue:
1. Download the ‘mybarberapp’ and type in ‘New York Barbers’. Select our store, register your account and it will bring you the dashboard.
2. From there you can check in for the next available or a preferred barber. Select the service/s you would like and the app will then give you the estimated time it will be your turn. Please endevour to arrive before this time as sometimes we finsh quicker than what the system has estimated.
3. Ensure you tap ‘Done’ at the end to confirm the check-in (or else it will not process on our end!)
-This is NOT a booking system, The time the app gives you is the approximate time you will be served. You may be served before or after that time.
You are unable to put your name down over the phone. You will have to come in-store or check in via our app, which is explained in the tab above.
Yes, you certainly can!
You can request a particular barber when checking in for a haircut.
Please note that sometimes we may not be able to put you in with your preferred barber if they already have a list waiting for them and they need to go on a break or if they can’t take anymore clients towards the end of the day.


As a walk-in only barbershop, is hard to predict when it will be quiet and when it will be busy. It can go from a 5 minute wait to a 1 hour wait within minutes sometimes!

We often find peak times can be first thing in the morning, lunchtime and near the end of the day (after work and school).

Feel free to give us a call on 9707 2215 to see how the day is going and how busy it is currently.
Yes, we certainly do! We have lots of regular young clients here at New York Barbers.

Yes, we are more than happy to if it is a cut/style we are confident to do! Our barbers are trained in mens hairstyles, so for the females that like a short, barber-style cut, we are happy to help you out. Please note that our barbers are not trained in long women’s hair and can only do short barber-style cuts on women.


Feel free to get in contact with us using the form below, and we will respond back to you ASAP. If you require an instant response, please give us a call.