check-in online

Beat the queue and check-in online at New York Barbers.

The mybarberapp will allow you to put your name in the queue for any barber services. The app will give you the approximate time you will be served, so this way if there is a long wait, you don’t need to stay in the shop the whole time and you can check in from home or work!

1. Download the ‘mybarberapp’ and type in ‘New York Barbers’. Select our store, register your account and it will bring you the dashboard.

2. From there you can see what the current (approximate) wait time is and check-in for the next available or a preferred barber. Select the service/s you would like and the app will then give you the estimated time it will be your turn. Please endeavor to arrive before this time as sometimes we finish quicker than what the system has estimated.

3. Ensure you tap ‘Done’ and ‘Check-In Now’ at the end to confirm the check-in (or else it will not process on our end!)



-This is NOT a booking system, The time the app gives you is the approximate time you will be served. You may be served before or after that time. (Usually Before as we endeavor to be with you as quick as we possibly can)

-Once it is your turn and we have called your name out, if you are not present in the shop, our system will automatically remove your place in the line after 1 hour.

-Sometimes the app may crash or the server will be down. Try deleting and re-dowloading the app and try again. If this doesn’t work, it is a temporary issue with the app that is out of our control. Come into the store and we will have to check you in through our computer.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook, email or call us on 9707 2215.