Best Men’s Hairstyles in 2021

With so many hairstyles to choose from, we still always find ourselves wanting to try new styles and are not sure what to pick. Over the last year the pandemic has meant many guys have had to let their hair grow out a little more which has also brought on some new trends. Check out what we think are the best Men’s Hairstyles to try out in 2021.


1. Mid Fade

mid fade


A mid fade offers a sharp hairstyle that suits a variety of styles and lengths on top. It also allows for the sides to be blended into the top, allowing for a better shape to the haircut.




2. Textured Crop



The crop hairstyle has definitely risen in popularity over the years. The hair is swept forward and texture is added to the top. Crops work well with a short sides and back or fade.




3. Classic Cut


Classic Cuts like these are timeless and look great for any occasion. Keep enough length through the sides to push back and match it with a side part or even brush everything back. What’s even better is that hairstyles like this grow out nicer and last a lot longer too!




4. Taper Fade


This is a great option of you like the look of a classic cut but still like a fade as well. The best of both worlds and it is a sharp looking cut!




5. Textured Top


An easy to style cut that adds some great volume and definition to the top paired with a shorter back and sides.





6. Curls


We see more and more guys working with their natural curls rather than against them. Leaving the natural curls on top with tapered sides looks great and really makes the curls pop.




7. Low Fade



Low fades allow for a bit more length through the rest of your hair, giving it a great shape and silhouette.




8. Medium Length Cut


Lockdowns due to the pandemic have allowed more guys to let their hair grow, so why not try something a little different and keep some length? Medium and Longer length cuts suit a lot of guys.

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